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In the case of financial support, we direct the money received from sponsors to teachers' salaries, the purchase of equipment for organizing practical tests and the implementation of the program throughout Estonia.
In case of material support, we are happy to receive various souvenirs, gadgets, devices and everything that we can use to conduct lessons for Estonian youth within the framework of our projects.
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You can support us both
financially and with materials
In addition:
We are facing major challenges due to climate change. Through our program, we are raising an energetically competent generation who can make the necessary changes to save our planet from global warming.
Save the world
The Enerhack educational program raises children's awareness of energy. Thus, the new generation can consciously consume energy, recycle materials, introduce new environmentally friendly technologies, and so on.
Raise awareness
By 2050, European countries intend to achieve climate neutrality in all energy sectors. By increasing young people's energy literacy, we can make the right decisions and make the necessary changes to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
Achieve goals of climate neutrality
From our side, we will give you a weekly overview of the implementation of the Enerhack project in schools, the content of which (information, photos, videos) you can publish on your social networks (website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).
Content for your social media once a week
Supporting the Enerhack education program has a positive effect on your company's image - because through joint efforts we can implement ambitious projects to achieve climate neutrality!
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